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What We Are Offering
To Customers

A plug-and play solution enabled by IoT and deeper analytics tailored for energy and production monitoring to improve downtime management, manpower, quality of service and reduce costs of operation.

A real-time solution capable of self-learning that acts as a 24/7 engineer for building owners and plant managers to monitor their premise and any manufacturing processes with half the manpower needed.

Gain extra energy savings. Get instant alerts and automated summary reports via in-app mail, or Telegram. Customizable dashboards.
We provide smart HVAC solution that comes with dynamic control system. Using Internet of Things (IoT), power of cloud, wireless devices and our customized controllers, we provide you a self-optimizing system that is fully adaptive to the ever-changing environment conditions, such as people occupancy and indoor/outdoor weather.

You can now have a dynamic building without much work/manpower while you enjoy the comfort and savings faster.

Our solution can be catered to both large and small buildings (as small as 3,000 sq ft) due to its fast implementation and non-disruptive to business operation.
With growing expectations for sustainability, investors now demand precise ESG reporting from companies, focusing on climate risks, materiality, and board governance.

Simultaneously, regulatory bodies are enforcing compliance with local standards aligned with global sustainability norms.

Balancing these demands poses the question: How can companies effectively and accurately report on ESG to meet both investor and regulatory expectations?
Real-time IoT Energy Management System powered by cloud SCADA + Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) + Predictive Conditioning Monitoring.

It can couple with our RTLS and AI powered vision inspection camera to realize automated quality check = Real Time User Friendly MES.

All-in-one simple platform that can be accessible anywhere, anytime and easily scalable when you add more machines in your production floor in the future.
A solution that uses contactless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)/Active RFID/UWB technology for indoor tracking goods/people.

Provides real-time data for you to perform route optimization for dynamic roster/scheduling.
It brings production efficiency and capacity by providing real-time drying performance and drying end time prediction for paddy through integration with IoT sensors and Big Data Analytics.

This gives you automated control & monitoring as well as reduce your broken rice.


Why you should choose
Tanand for your business

Low Capital Expenditure

We offer various price plans based on your business requirement & case studies.

3x Faster Deployment & ROI

We can deploy the system into your building/plant with minimal downtime and achieve ROI faster with greater output/lower defect.

Fully Customizable & Integrable

Fully customizable and can be integrated to your existing system/hardware, thus provide you with great flexibility for future upgrade.

Autonomous & Intelligent

Our system can be accessed 24/7 at anywhere and perform autonomous control with machine learning & smart algorithm.

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4000 +

Connected IoT devices deployed

45 +

IoT projects in office, school, cinema, hospital, retail, airport, factory

2000000 +

Square feet space covered

1077255 +

Fund raised