Lembaga Getah Malaysia
  • Solution Tanand Energy Management System (T-EMS)
  • Year Deployed 2020
  • Location Integrated Processing Centre (IPC), Kota Tinggi Johor
  • Industry Agriculture

Business Situations

Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM) or Malaysian Rubber Board is the custodian of the rubber industry in Malaysia. The primary objective of LGM is to assist in the development and modernization of the Malaysian rubber industry in all aspects from cultivation of the rubber tree, the extraction and processing of its raw rubber, the manufacture of rubber products and the marketing of rubber and rubber products.

The agricultural industry automation is always lagging compared to other industry sector.

High value special grade latex processing with chemical reaction process heating, process cooling required precise chemical composition adding, mixing, and precise parameter control to ensure a consistency in output quality, which is always the key challenges in ENR (EKOPRENA) rubber production.

Manual measurement, manual logging, and manual adjustment tent to create delay in changes and can be labor intensive.

PLC only provides real-time reading without real-time analytic dashboard that can provide real-time historical trend for analytics and comparison purpose on the fly .

PLC or conventional HMI SCADA does not provide real-time and synchronize data, and only showing low value analytical value without pattern reading.

Solutions & Results

T-EMS is implemented with cloud-based I4.0 customized process plant control automation system.

More than 10,000 I/O points from various industrial sensors:

  • vision camera
  • IoT controllers
  • pH sensors
  • hot water pumps
  • cold water pumps
  • circulation pumps
  • chillers
  • boilers
  • ventilation & fume extractor fan
  • variable speed control for heavy machineries >=100HP extruders
  • shredder
  • creepers
  • granulator
  • vibrator
  • mixer
  • dosing pump
  • diaphragm pump
  • air compressors
  • buckets
  • belt & chain conveyors
  • soaking tunnel
  • cooling through
  • filling stations
  • dryers
  • metal detection machine
  • output bale counter and modulation flow control of valves for steam, water, chemical (based on load cell controller).