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Route Optimisation for Dynamic Roster/Scheduling

Easi Track is a RTLS solution that uses contactless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)/Active RFID/UWB technology for indoor tracking goods/people.

Provides real-time data for you to transform your business into highly efficient, productive & streamlined production.

  • Fast deployment
  • Half the cost compared to other solutions
  • Proven and guaranteed ROI
  • Scalability of both the area coverage & number of tracked objects

Better Manage Your Assets & People With Real-Time Tracking & Visibility

Asset tracking:

High maintenance cost & low efficiency due to misallocated or misplaced asset?

This solution allows the indoor tracking of any assets, e.g. pallets/tools/forklift/trolleys, even in harsh industrial conditions. It brings you full real-time visibility of your asset & inventory with trail of movement history.

Visitor and worker tracking:

Workers are not productive during working hours? Too much of idling time?

This solution allows you to identify the unproductive hours and can be a good KPI monitoring tool to reward the staff with the right attitude.

Work in progress tracking:

Lost tracked of WIP work order as it passes from station to station?

This solution provides an efficient and timely recording of each WIP work order, notify the depletion of materials at each station instantly or when the WIP work order stops longer than certain hours in a station. It creates the most optimal work routes and processes.

Danger/restricted zone detection:

Need to allocate manpower to guard restricted area movement?

This solution can set up virtual zones or boundaries, and provide automatic real-time alert/trigger when someone enters a warning zone.

Employee safety:

Cannot detect the exact location of affected personnel in case of fire/accident?

This solution can provide the exact location of affected personnel and speed up rescue operation, help building efficient evacuation systems.

Forklift & pedestrian safety system:

Have forklift or your MHE accidents resulted in a significant financial burden for you?

This solution enables real-time monitoring of your forklifts or material handling equipment (MHE), including speed limit control by zone and proximity sensing, among other features. It allows tracking of the forklift’s location and movement in real-time, providing alerts to operators or pedestrian through alarms or warnings, prompting forklift drivers to exercise caution or slow down.

This can significantly reduce the risk of collisions, ultimately leading to lower damages & injury costs.

How Does The Technology Work?

  • Wireless sensors
  • Beacon in many forms & size
  • Easy installation with minimal wiring
  • Operate anywhere, anytime

What To Expect In Easi Track (RTLS)

  • Real-time positioning information for route optimization/dynamic roster & scheduling
  • Instant alert notification
  • Historical trails of tracked objects movement & time spent at each location
  • Intelligent report analysis (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Scalable tracked objects and locations
  • User management with multi-level permission and access management

Our Success Stories

Neutrovis Sdn Bhd

  • Real-time attendance tracking system with automated employees scanning and integration to door access system.
  • Digitalization of employees’ attendance & tracking system with real-time data analytics visualization.

Green Borneo Industries Sdn Bhd

  • Real-time indoor tracking system with automated employees scanning.
  • Real-time data analytics visualization with location layout diagram

Malaysia Airport

  • 225 washrooms & 600 cleaners
  • Real-time cleaner management & maximize manpower utilisation based designated zones
  • Increased cleaners productivity & reduced idling time

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

  • Smart classroom using AI voice assistant
  • Smart attendance using contactless indoor position tracker to keep track of students’ attendance, location and time spent at different zones

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