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Energy Management System (EMS)

Tanand Energy Management System (Easi EMS), an advanced IIoT EMS that offers real-time and precise analysis of energy consumption. With its user-friendly dashboard, Easi EMS identifies resource inefficiencies, monitors, measures, and verifies savings, and tracks GHG emissions. The user-friendly dashboard is highly customizable, integrating data from various meters, data collection systems, sensors, files, and repositories to suit to your ESG reporting format.

Easi EMS lets you manage, monitor and analyze energy consumption on one platform. It is widely utilized in commercial building and manufacturing factories to track energy consumption and production patterns. Your teams can track real-time energy cost by product/area/zone and make financial and operational decisions without relying on manual tracking. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint & Achieve Sustainability

Even with regular maintenance, many companies still encounter numerous challenges in effectively operating an energy management system. The most prevalent issues comprise:


Increased Maximum Demand Penalty
Inevitable maximum demand penalties are occurring more frequently each month, posing challenges in accurately assessing energy performance and implementing energy-saving practices.


High Energy Bill
Elevated energy consumption leads to a corresponding increase in the energy bill, subsequently raising the overall production costs.


Lack of Real-Time Energy Data Tracking
Lack of an efficient system to analyze and present straightforward yet informative data for tracking energy usage and analyzing individual equipment, complicating the real-time monitoring process.


Lack of Notification Alerts
Have a real-time automated simple and predictive-based notification system (e.g. Telegram, WhatsApp) to perform on-demand health check when you don’t have immediate access to the dashboard.

Manage & Measure with Tanand's Easi EMS

Collect & Monitor

Collect & monitor energy data with IIoT sensors and identifying inefficiencies

Alert Notification

Real-time alert notification for operation & maintenance team

Energy Consumption

Visibility of real-time energy consumption patterns & easily track ESG performance

Decrease Carbon

Decrease maximum demand by eliminating tariff surcharges, reduce energy and carbon

Tanand Energy Management System (Easi EMS) enhances efficiency and minimizes downtime by providing predictive alerts for monitoring all critical production equipment. This aids in reducing energy consumption and lowering costs associated with each piece of equipment.

Avoid Maximum Demand Penalties

Easi EMS provides insights into your plant or facility, revealing unnecessary running equipment and identifying anomalies that contribute to maximum demand. This visibility enables prompt action to reduce your energy bill.

Real-Time Energy Tracking Data

Easi EMS delivers precise real-time energy trend data and motor unit consumption. By measuring all machines and lines, identifying energy wastage for cost savings and enhancing production output becomes a straightforward process.

Minimize Power Consumption

Easi EMS is an Industry 4.0 solution that is both simple and highly compatible with a diverse range of energy meters and hardware. It is user-friendly and requires only a single production line to scale up to the entire factory.

Minimum Operation Disruption

Easi EMS utilizes industrial-grade sensors known for their durability in harsh environments. Employing in-house R&D sensors and wireless connectivity helps minimize downtime, alleviating concerns for manufacturers about frequent disruptions and subsequently reducing energy consumption.