Easi HVAC (HVAC Optimizer) Sustainable, energy efficient, and cost effective building automation & management solution
powered by real-time adaptive IoT

Easi HVAC (HVAC Optimizer)

A dynamic IoT-powered Easi HVAC (HVAC Optimizer) using Internet of Things (IoT), wireless sensors, customized controllers and cloud-based software.

Smart Split Unit AC
  • Split unit AC controlled by smart IR control can regulate set temperature based on environmental data such as temperature, humidity & human present.
Smart FCU / AHU
  • Incorporate real-time sensing info:
  • Fast and easy deployment whilst minimize retrofitting efforts through wireless IoT sensors.
Smart Chiller Management
  • Combining real time demand management & human comfort algorithm, chiller can be optimized.
  • Chiller maintenance can be predicted based on energy consumption pattern.
Reduce energy consumption with guaranteed ROI:

Monitor energy usage and avoid high energy bill by using our adaptive and self-tuning HVAC Optimizer. Reduce operating expenditure (OPEX) and achieve fast return on investment. You can also maximize the lifespan of your assets by improving predictive/preventive measures. Get informed instantly by the real-time alert notifications before problems turn into a costly downtime.

BMS Cost Saving 39%
BMS Cost Saving 2 12%
Remote insight, management & control:

Manage hundreds of buildings remotely, even in multiple geographical locations, using our cloud-based architecture dashboard via web and mobile apps.

A Smart HVAC Solution That Is Beyond Temperature Control

  • Dynamic airflow balancing with real-time demand control algorithm.
  • Dynamic chilled water balancing with real-time chiller set point & part load optimization.
  • Access to various inputs such as heat loads, humidity, zone-specific temperatures, airflow temperatures, weather, occupancy etc.
  • Save installation cost, implement fast and reaping significant savings!
After HVAC Optimizer (T-BMS)

A DCIM Solution In The Cloud That Provides 24x7 Visibility Into Your Data Center Remotely

How Do We Optimize & Integrate Your Existing Centralized & Split Unit Air-Conditioning System

Stand Alone VRF Control System Illustration Diagram

HVAC Optimizer (Easi HVAC) Seamless VRF Integration

Works with Various VRF Brands, Interface & Parameters Without Any Hardware Changes

Remote control parameters for indoor units that are supported:

  • On/Off
  • Cool/Auto/Dry Mode
  • Fan speed
  • Set temperature
  • Swing
  • Filter sign
  • Malfunction code
  • Remote troubleshooting

* the existing indoor wired controllers will remain functional after the integration

Address Specific Needs From Multiple Stakeholders

Top Management

“How can my building operate sustainably, green, and efficient?”

Finance Team

“I want an overview of where the money is going and which area I can save on OPEX while improving efficiency.”

Facility management companies/building manager

“What is my real-time building problem and how can I reduce complaints without increasing manpower?”


“I need a comfortable working environment that will make my daily work easy and efficient”

Already Have BMS/BAS System?

We are compatible with leading platforms and systems. Avoid duplication, high CAPEX and achieve the fastest ROI.

Having multiple BMS platforms supporting multiple chiller types and AHUs?
We offer cost-effective way to synchronize all your HVAC systems into single platform with the capabilities of remote monitoring through smart devices and providing real-time alerts with historical trend.

Our Success Stories

  • Smart scheduling with web management console
  • Android & iOS app to ease building operator
  • Environmental monitoring & integration
  • Multi-level data monitoring with end users control options
  • Real-time ambient temperature & humidity monitoring couple with energy management
  • Smart thermostat with chilled water valve control
  • Starter panel automation
  • Smart scheduling of AHU
  • Intelligent AHU resulted in energy and BTU savings
  • DCIM solution to monitor environment factor for each server rack
  • Track energy usage with power quality of each rack
  • Real-time performance & equipment monitoring at multi campus via smart devices
  • Instant alert notification when there is abnormal behaviour
  • Real-time temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Track energy usage of each outlet while optimizing indoor temperature based on real-time demand
  • ACMV energy saving logic based on real-time environmental factors
  • Cost saving while still maintaining food quality and guest comfort
  • Real-time Chiller Plant Efficiency Measurement kW/hour
  • Real-time Chiller Plant Load (RT)
  • Real-time Chiller Performance Benchmarking
  • Real-time Demand Control Optimization (Air side/AHU side) with 10X real-time accuracy feedback
  • Real-time Chiller Plant Optimization (Remote Set Point, Scheduling & Part Load Optimization)
  • Real-time abnormalities detection (from load changes, efficiency changes, temperature changes, or energy pattern changes)
  • Insightful, data trending, monitoring & operational control all-in-one dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our system is unique because we optimize your building HVAC system with real-time demand control and activities sensors deployed in your premises . With minimal retrofitting efforts through our wireless sensors, it takes only half the time needed for deployment compared to other systems, in other words less downtime.

It is also supported by a highly interactive and user-friendly dashboard, which unlike other sophisticated software, requires minimal training to use, so that managers and operators can easily get accustomed to its features. Our algorithm able to accurately adjust the demand side (AHU/indoor unit) by reducing the load at supply side (chillers/compressors) to curb wastage. There is also powerful data analytics that can provide predictive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime and breakdown maintenance of equipment, which both ultimately leads to heavy costs.

Even if your building has its own BMS, our system can integrate to your existing platform and still provide you with all the features & benefits.

Easi HVAC (HVAC Optimizer) can accurately adjust the real-time demand (AHU/indoor unit) by reducing the load at supply side (chillers/compressors) while maintaining occupant’s comfort ambiance. Hence, this will improve the life expectancy, reduce maintenance cost of hardware and save lots of additional energy required to produce wasteful cooling load. Our preventive maintenance analytics will also prevent sudden equipment breakdown that contribute to loss of revenue.

No, our Easi HVAC (HVAC Optimizer) does not tie to any specific hardware brand. We develop our own hardware (such as sensors/controllers) based on extensive R&D to bring down the overall total cost of ownership.

We believe that digitalization and/or acquiring technology should not be expensive. We do have a zero CAPEX subscription model for our IoT solutions where we charge by yearly subscription but will collect one year fee upfront. It is hassle-free with guaranteed ROI.

We offer 3x faster ROI. We can guarantee that you will be wanting more!

It depends on building size. But we can guarantee that our deployment time is 2x faster compared to other solutions since we understand downtime can have a direct impact on your operation.

No! Easi HVAC (HVAC Optimizer) is applicable for both old and new buildings, and old buildings do not have to worry about huge retrofitting cost due to the flexibility of our system in integrating to various ACMV brands.

No worries! Easi HVAC (HVAC Optimizer) can be integrated even with existing BMS/BAS, so you do not have to spend extra money on replacing your current hardware.