• Solution Tanand Cloud Based DCIM
  • Year Deployed 2016
  • Location Ampang, Selangor
  • Industry Education, School

Business Situations

The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) is an American non-profit school in the Kuala Lumpur metropolitan area. Previously, ISKL was constantly troubled by unplanned tripping due to water leakage from air-conditioner, power outages went undetected, and UPS battery not charging but went undetected. Higher humidity inside the data centre had also causing shorter lifespan to their important IT asset went unnoticed.

It would always be too late when the IT team had realized the problem, stakeholders would have already started complaining and it would take hours or days to rectify the issue.

The existing CCTVs in their server rooms have not helped them in their slightest, because the only time they played back the recordings, breakdown has already occurred and again – it’s too late.

Solutions & Results

Our Li-ion powered IoT wireless temperature and humidity sensors as well as wireless smart energy meter’s installation was a breeze in ISKL data centre.

There was no disruption and downtime at all, it is also working independently from their other IT assets without the need to add on additional wiring work.

These connected sensors and energy meter provide real-time data for the equipment in every rack. It helps to ensure that the UPS is functioning well without the needs of doing daily Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM). Whenever there is a power trip or surge, our mobile-app will trigger instant notification to the operation team and this allows them to take swift action before the UPS batteries are drained.

Tanand’s cloud based DCIM also control the ACMV equipment to run optimally and efficiently, at the same time comes with predictive maintenance notification. This prolong the useful lifespan of the ACMV equipment. Our smart T-Xcontroller works for both centralized air-conditing system or normal split-unit air-conditioner without overcooling or undercooling their mission-critical data centre equipment.

In addition, we have also successfully customized smarter CCTV integration to ISKL by automating the instant notification in the format of video footages to their internal Telegram group should there be any intrusion happened.