Easi EMS: Malaysian ESG & Sustainability Reporting Paving the Way to Green Building Certification (GBI/GreenRE/LEED) REQUEST FOR DEMO

Digitalization's Impact on ESG Sustainability Reporting

With growing expectations for sustainability, investors now demand precise ESG reporting from companies, focusing on climate risks, materiality, and board governance. Simultaneously, regulatory bodies are enforcing compliance with local standards aligned with global sustainability norms. Balancing these demands poses the question: How can companies effectively and accurately report on ESG to meet both investor and regulatory expectations?

Our Easi EMS (Energy Management System) is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with CO² sensors and ventilation control systems, ensuring compliance with IAQ WELL and ASHRAE standards. This integration not only ensures optimal indoor air quality but also enhances your green building certification process, such as Green Building Index (GBI), Green Real Estate (GreenRE), and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), by contributing an additional 20-30 points.

Easi EMS focuses on providing sustainable solutions for energy efficiency and environmental performance, aligning with the goals of ESG reporting or green building certifications.

Benefits of Implementing Easi EMS for ESG Sustainability Reporting

Certification Points
Earn an extra 20-30 points for green building certifications
Efficient Operations
Maximize energy for savings and eco-friendly outcomes
Data-Driven Decisions
Use real-time data for informed choices
Show dedication to sustainability

Easi EMS Simple Yet Comprehensive Features

Energy Analytics Dashboard

Lighting Energy

Monitor and optimize lighting energy consumption.


Air-Conditioning Energy

Efficiently monitor power consumption & manage HVAC systems for optimal performance.


Power and Equipment Energy Consumption

Track and analyze power usage across various equipment.


Solar Energy Generation

Monitor renewable energy contribution from solar panels.


Water Saved

Measure and report on water conservation efforts.

Real-time Data and Notification Alerts:

Digitalization with Easi EMS streamlines data collection, input, and management in a centralized platform, ensuring adherence to reporting standards and eliminating manual processes. This enables organizations to validate information, monitor goals, and promptly take corrective actions.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Access live data on energy consumption, CO² levels, and ventilation status.
  • Predictive Analytics: Anticipate potential downtime and address issues proactively.
  • Alerts: Receive instant notifications on anomalies, ensuring prompt corrective actions.

Additionally, Easi HVAC’s deep learning neural network leverages the data it collects, including weather forecasts, utility tariff structures, emissions data, and internal data from the building management system, to accomplish the following:

Detailed Reports:
Digitize sustainability data and align reports with global and local standards

Verification Tools:
Enables personalized dashboards to analyze trends in collected data and compare with peers

Cost-Benefit Analysis:
Assess the financial impact of energy-saving measures.

GHS Emissions Tracking

Emission Metrics

Track greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy consumption.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Implement strategies to reduce carbon footprint.

Reporting for Certification

Facilitate reporting requirements for green building certification.

Our Success Stories

  • BEI (Building Energy Intensity) shown at jaw dropping reading of 28kWh/yr, possibly one of the lowest ever for a building of similar usage.
  • Real-time alert notification when maximum demand of the digital power meter exceeded threshold per 15/30mins interval.
  • Real-time alert notification when abnormal consumption of water of the digital water meter exceeded threshold per hour/day/week.
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of energy data help to identify areas of high energy use and potential energy savings opportunities.
  • Achieving energy saving with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives.
  • Explore 1 Lasam (BVH HQ) on their website: https://1lasam.com.my/.