Advanced Paddy Drying Automation System (APD)
Production efficiency and increase yield for the rice industry

Embrace The Industrial 4.0 Revolution & Prepare To Welcome The Future

Tanand’s APD system brings production efficiency and improve yield by providing real-time drying performance and drying end time prediction for paddy through integration with IoT sensors and Big Data Analytics.

Tanand is the pioneer in bringing IoT technology to rice industry and we own the patent for paddy moisture content prediction algorithm & methodology. With that, our APD can improve your grain quality from using either inclined bed dryers (IBD) or mixed flow dryers. Start your journey of improving your yield with automated control & monitoring with us now!

Common Rice Industry Problems

Manual operation
  • Conventional drying methods where the switches are still operated by hand
  • Data is still collected manually and often result in inaccuracy and inconsistency
Poor working condition
  • Labourers are working in dusty and hazardous environment for prolonged hours
High risk of faulty
  • Dryers and control panels are always located far apart leading to increased chances of error
  • The condition of the blowers and radiators is not periodically monitored and recorded, thus increasing the risk of machinery failure

How We Automate Your System

Optimize Drying AI

Patented algorithm optimizes drying performance by auto-regulating air temperature based on moisture content and environment humidity ensuring paddy are dried with care.

Remote temperature

Optimal temperature with PID controller with a gateway to remotely change the set value.

Grain moisture content prediction

Patented paddy moisture content prediction algorithm with >95% accuracy improves productivity and revolutionize the paddy drying process.


Powerful cloud system

Powerful processing capability to process and analyze the input data with real-time web & mobile app centralized dashboard for performance monitoring & control.

Big Data analysis

Visible dryer performances and grain data in real-time are the keys for future improvement. Collected data will be benchmarked for future analysis and AI will constantly learn and improve the algorithm accuracy to optimize the drying performance.

Benefits & Results You Will Get

  • Minimize the stress/broken rice
  • Increase plant profitability by reducing cost and improving yield with measurable results
  • Automated monitoring and control of conventional paddy drying system
  • Optimized drying capacity with the integration of wireless smart sensors, IoT gateway, and Big Data
  • Multi-branch monitoring by using cloud computing
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Predictive maintenance feature with real-time alert notification
  • Real-time dryers data for KPI setting and continuous improvements

Our Success Stories

Advanced Paddy Dryer (APD) Lite

  • Industrial 4.0 cloud-based computing remote smart web & app
  • Boiler & dryer real-time monitoring & adjustment
  • Instant notification when boiler & dryer running in non-optimal condition
  • Never miss an important operating condition that affection production & quality