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Tanand Real-Time Visualization & Data Analytics (RTMA)

RTMA is a plug and play solution tailored towards production monitoring in improving the efficiency of downtime management, service quality, workforces and reducing operational costs. It provides data instantly to assist manufacturers in making better decisions. Generally, the real-time analytics are divided into two categories:

  • On-demand real-time analytics: waits for users or systems to request a query before delivering the data analytics and insights
  • Continuous real-time analytics: proactively notifies users with alerts or triggers responses on systems as events happen

To put it simply, real-time analytics delivers insights and new analytics immediately to assist manufacturers in better decision-making and quicker information analysis.

7 Common Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

The shift in today’s economic situation have resulted in various issues faced by manufacturers. Especially during the current pandemic situation, many manufacturing productions have encountered difficulties in terms of higher demand production requirements, and a strict regulated & stringent standard in production.

These tasks made the situation worse when:

  • Unplanned downtime (equipment’s, machine’s or other critical assets)
  • High energy & production wastage
  • Stretch on manpower due to pandemic and reduce workforces
  • No real-time with historical analytic driven production or maintenance dashboard (only real-time data)
  • Machine data may not be accurate
  • Losses time in troubleshooting
  • Difficult to identify production bottlenecks and root causes which required highly skills & years of experiences to build

4 Simple Steps of RTMA

The process to managing real-time monitoring visualization and analytics (RTMA) involves simple steps that are easy to conduct.

Full Range of IoT Sensors - Wireless & Battery Powered

Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics Platform (PEEM Diagram)

Industry Applications

Real-time analytics is useful for manufacturers requiring quick and immediate data query, which therefore allows the RTMA solution to cater towards different industries including:

  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Chemical and Petroleum
  • Machine Makers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Paper and Printing
  • Textile Mills and Apparel
  • Transportation Systems
  • Electronics and Semiconductor

The Benefits of RTMA

  • Future proof your investment with 64-bit technology
  • Preserve existing hardware investments
  • Reduce engineering time and cost
  • Automate collection of downtime cause & responsibility
  • Web-based project management and deployment
  • Quality and energy analytic capabilities
  • Standard, custom, and scheduled reports