• Solution Tanand Building Management System (T-BMS)
  • Year Deployed 2017
  • Location Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • Industry Education, School

Business Situations

GEMS International School is one of the most renowned schools located in Subang Jaya, Selangor. It is also a newly constructed campus, which previously consisted of 328 split unit AC Acson & York. These Air Conditioners are controlled by individual panel control which is prone to non optimal temperature set point, often causing the temperature to get too cold.

Prior to school operating hours, security guards are responsible to manually turn on the AC to ensure the classrooms are being pre-cool. Likewise, after operating hours, security guards come back and conduct a round-check on these rooms to make sure all the unused AC are turned off. When students are in non-teaching periods such as recess or sport lessons, some ACs are left running in an overly cooled set point, leading to high energy wastage.

No real-time monitoring and feedback on AC’s actual running hours for preventive service maintenance based on actual running operating hours instead of monthly preventive maintenance, which can save money in overly maintained units which operate in shorter duration hours.

Solutions & Results

Award-winning cloud-based T-BMS is implemented into the 328 split units, 5 FCUs on the 210,000 square feet with fully concealed network WiFi and wiring infrastructure, adhering with school policy to provide clean installation for new IoT sensors and controllers without laying of new exposed cable or networking conduit.

Utilizing existing WiFi infrastructure to reduce the wiring and communication cabling for deployed IoT sensor controllers, thus reducing project CAPEX and OPEX whilst fast tracking the project implementation duration.

Using IR based technology which basically supports various brands and up to 99% of the split air conditioner brand in one campus and achieve “Truly Brand Independent Split Unit Air Conditioner BMS”.

Assisted with a powerful and interactive HTML5 dashboard compatible with iOS and Android apps with the following features:

  • Customized 3D building and classroom maps to provide insightful building operation
  • Real-time power consumption and historical temperature reading for individual room which can be set in custom range time
  • Filter search feature available by floor level, building block/zone, room ID or air conditioner ID to fast search
  • Alert notification is sent to an operator shall adjustments are needed
  • On/off and temperature set point control
  • Schedule function available like Google Calendar, where “apply to all” temperature set point can be applied throughout the whole building
  • Able to customize temperature set point and building condition for certain day/occasion where it requires non-repetitive settings
  • Built-in energy saving optimizer and provide white-list for permanently or duration bound for exclusion in energy saving mode