• A Centralised Cloud SCADA building management dashboard in the form of web & mobile app
  • Monitor building situations with automated controls on HVAC systems & electrical equipment



Tanand Smart Controller (T-Controller)

  • Universal controller module to optimize T-BMS sensor connectivity
  • Powered by dual ESP8266 chips, supports up to 12 input and output points
  • Sensor data stored to cloud server where users can manage and perform action from smart devices

How T-Controller Works


How T-BMS Optimizes A Building’s HVAC

Human Activity Sensing Algorithm

Powered by Tanand’s human activity algorithm and the latest human activity sensor to respond to indoor situations by automatically controlling the AC/AHU/FCU switch

Smart Thermostat

Powered by our human comfort algorithm to provide comfortable indoor air while maximizing system efficiency

Smart AC Controller

Powered by a smart scheduler that tracks energy usage patterns, AC running hours and notifications for predictive maintenance

Smart Pump Controller

Powered by smart inverters with pressure/flow control sensors to optimize energy consumption of pump motor, track chilled water temperature trending, chiller running hours and daily calendar type scheduler
(only applicable to Centralized Chiller)