Innovate The Future Of Education

ICT-based education has been implemented in various aspect, such as teachng, R&D, and campus building management. New technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Computing are gaining increasing popularity in the education industry.

Colleges or universities are integrating latest technologies with their core services like teaching and learning, research, management, ,and public services. Basic education are more into developing the education management and resource sharing platforms to enable “school-to-school”, “class-to-class”, and “person-to-person” connectivity. ICT-based education features mobility, intelligence, and cloud, extending education coverage using advanced technologies.

Introducing Tanand Technology education solutions such as smart classroom, smart attendance and smart connected bus with the objective of creating a fully connected environment from inside towards outside of the campus.

Smart Classroom Solution

The New Teaching Assistant In Class

More and more school are moving to a smarter learning environment by introducing Artificial Intelligent (A.I) voice assistant into classroom environment. Benefits on having A.I voice assistant in the class:

Encourage Engagement

More engaging for students when student ask the A.I about subject topic.

Easy Management

Manage classroom facilities via voice command to control Air Conditioning, Projector / TV and lighting.

Teach Smarter

More convenient as A.I are able to assist teachers to play medias, to translate or to display presentations.

Digital Learning – Educate To Innovate

Our IoT STEM programs encourage and develop student innovation skills and integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

Smart Connected Bus Solution

Keeping Students Connected And Safe

An end to end solution that keeps students connected and safe. Benefits from having Tanand Smart Connected Bus Solution:

Improved Students Safety

Integrated bus solution allows parents to track children’s location and driver’s driving behavior.

Enhanced Services

Wi-fi for extended bus rides enables new educational opportunities.

Bus Fleet Management

Increase fuel efficiency and route optimization: bus maintenance reduced through proactive driver management and engine telematics.

Unified Solution

A solution that is flexible to integrate into school existing infrastructure and platform.


  • Parent Smart App: parent can keep track their children from the moment they hop on/off the bus via our smart Bluetooth beacons technology incorporates to existing student card.
  • Geo Fencing: instant alert when school bus travels out of designated area.
  • Vehicle Performance Monitoring: fuel consumption, engine performance will be monitored in real time.
  • Driving Behavior Notification: instant alert if school bus violates transportation policies. Eg: accelerating force, brake force, cornering angle and punctuality.

Stay Connected

  • Stable and reliable 4G connectivity powered by mobile operator.
  • Real time GPS / AVL vehicle tracking.
  • Wi-fi access for students to study and doing homework on the bus.

Smart Attendance Solution

Students Managing Made Easy

Tanand Smart Attendance Solution is a contact-less solution using wireless Bluetooth technology. Benefits from having the solution:

Automated Attendance

Students attendance are being track automatically when the enter the class. Teachers and parents are able to know instantly if the student are absent.

Detailed Reporting

Daily, Weekly and Monthly attendance reports are generated for performance review. It is possible to integrate to existing student profile management system.

Time Saving

Reduce the time and effort required to track attendance. Current manual or computer key in require approximately 30 minutes.

In The Classroom

  • Each student ID card will be stick with a Bluetooth enabled sticker.
  • Student ID card are to be carried by student whenever they are in campus / class.
  • Once student enter classroom, a Bluetooth gateway will sense the Bluetooth sticker hence attendance of the student will be recorded.

On The Bus

  • Once student hop on to the bus or drop off at drop-off point, Bluetooth gateway will sense the Bluetooth sticker attached to student ID.
  • Student check in and drop off time will be notify to the parents for security purpose.